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Ford Capri RS 2600

Capri RS 2600 picture
Designer Ghia
Year 1971

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The very first Ford Special, was the Capri Vista Orange Special. The Capri Special was launched in November 1971 and was based on the 1600 GT, and 2000 GT ...

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Website packed full of information and pictures on the RS2600 and RS3100 Capri.

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Profiles of the Ford Capri RS2600 providing technical specifications, a picture gallery, and parts, books and videos for sale.

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Feb 21, 2005 ... In order to make sure enough examples were sold, Ford gave the Capri RS 2600 a very attractive price. This enabled the Capri to beat its ...

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RS2600 Info

Ford Capri RS2600. The first Capri RS2600's were built in March 1970 these being 50 lightweight models for homologation purposes often referred to as ...