Wall Street Journal Update - Bold Business Report 4/14/2010


Front Page § Banks Falter in Rules Fight § Significant resistance from senate democrats as Wall Street firms lobby to avoid changes in derivatives biz § Derivatives are financial instruments that get value from the movement of something, ie wheat, interest rates § Pitting the largest firms and their end users against Washington § Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln (D) is expected to propose a bill that bankers oppose § Inside Toyota, Executives Trade Blame Over Debacle § Typically he said, she said, however this is not seen in a Japanese company. § Pres. Akio Toyoda, family of the founder is blaming the nonfamily executives and a group of pro managers § The feud is a distraction at a time when they need to regain their focus Marketplace § Intel Earnings Set High Bar § Posted strongest 1st quarter since company founded; came from new microprocessors § Profit nearly quadrupled and revenues rose 44%; planning to hire 1000 to 2000 § Forecast looks good as well and provides a strong indication for all of technology § Toyota, Under Fire, Halts Sale of SUV § Temporarily halt sale of Lexus GX460; comes at a very bad time for the company § Consumer Reports issued a rare "don't buy" recommendation § Lexus engineers are working to replicate the issue to determine the cause by end of this week. Money & Investing § Property Loss Pounds Morgan Stanley § Looking to lose about 2/3 of $8.8B real-estate fund from bad property investments § Once the high flyer in RE deals doing $17.4B over <b>...</b>


white house fights derivatives, toyota problems, intel earnings, don't buy Lexus GX460, Morgan Stanley

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