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My Grandparents chose to love each other when they met as teenagers, and then, they chose to love each other every part of every day, through the Great Depression, through absence during war, child rearing, work, illnesses... Life. Finding TRUE love? They met... And That was it. Again, the true love part was a daily choice whether either was as attractive or as exciting as the day they met. True love depends on each person, not just the one you find or the one that finds you. In other words, Love is a Choice, because we are not 110% lovable 24 hours a day. True love is when each person sees that real life is not like a romance movie script True love is accepting the fact of real life, which brings creative challenges that, with the choice to love, can increase attraction. Popular novels, songs, shows, movies... Each have scripts that are no doubt, inspired. The talented people that write and act, the hundreds or thousands of people that are the list of credits at the end of a movie - from the accountants to the doctors to the musicians and screenwriters - They work on projects that, as finished masterpieces, may often have coincidental similarities to your definition of romance and the most often undefined and over-used phrase... "true love" Again, the credits behind movies, books, shows and songs... include a lot of people. Why, because such productions are intentionally crafted to touch our deepest self. So, they are edited for perfection, music and effects and colors <b>...</b>


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