s2000 skyline RX8 impreza WRX Miata RSX type R Tsukuba


Ok folks this is what I call STOCK car racing. Cars that you can actually buy off the showroom floor at dealership. Sure you can relate to these more than a NASCAR race tuned car. honda s2000 nissan skyline mazda rx-8 rx8 miata mx-5 mx5 subaru wrx impreza acura rsx type r japan japanese car racing street drift track need for speed shift king heel toe race 尬車infiniti g35 sti integra GTI autobahn toyota acura supra Lotus helmet intense zoom-zoom Tsukuba


honda, s2000, nissan, skyline, mazda, rx-8, rx8, miata, mx-5, mx5, subaru, wrx, impreza, acura, rsx, type, japan, japanese, stock, car, racing, 尬車

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