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DigInfo - Related Link Improving on its predecessors, the Mazda Taiki takes the concept of flow and adds a powerful engine to make it fly. The Mazda Taiki uses the Renesis engine, a next generation rotary Engine. Completely developed in-house, The Renesis engine has a longer stroke and larger displacement at 1600cc intended to raise thermal efficiency and torque at all engine speeds. This design also utilizes a direct injection system and aluminum side housing to make the engine compact and light weight. To create the visual depiction of air flowing, the two seat interior was designed with an all glass canopy and a dashboard and trim inspired by koinobori, Japanese kites, in the wind. The seats which are genuine leather were developed through a new technique in which an artist recreated wind visually with brush strokes. The overhang over the wheels effectively channels air and creates a tunnel that increases downforce. This highly aerodynamic design has zero lift and a drag coefficient of only .25. For the sake of safety, Mazda is actively developing an advanced human machine interface so the driver and machine can communicate smoothly and easily. Multi-control switches are integrated into steering wheel in order that the driver can perform driving operations without removing their hands from the wheel. This evocative design is not the last to be seen in the nagare series.


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