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Cindy Margolis shows her clumsy side with new pal Sam Botta on Oscar Night in Beverly Hills at the 18th Annual Night of 100 Stars. She weighs in on how she really, truly feels about looks (appearance) and the state of dating for the average celebrity gal "it girl". Cindy Margolis, the "most-downloaded woman on the internet", Author, Actor and Playboy Centerfold, tells you and Sam Botta the real truth about the struggles of being single in Hollywood minus the scandal you might expect. Cindy Margolis has surprising intentions for you and Sam Botta on this red carpet on this night, and she finds interesting answers from the conversational adventure with Sam Botta on Oscar Night. Cindy Margolis shows us that she's still the girl next door in this intriguing moment of fun where chemistry is discussed. Sure Shar Jackson walked the red carpet with Cindy Margolis, but this moment brings a suspense that the press has yet to capture from this chapter in celebrity life. Have you met your match? The charitable spirit of Cindy Margolis, a lady on a mission beyond the fertility addressed in her book, you'll find a part of your own heart in this brief interview. With Sam Botta and Cindy Margolis, you'll know that there is still magic that awaits you, the Princess you dreamed you would be as a child, this is still possible. Fairy-Tales still happen, and Cindy Margolis and Sam Botta still believe that the can happen for anyone. This includes you. If you've struggled to get pregnant for <b>...</b>


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