Volkswagen W12 - GTA San Andreas


Volkswagen W12 - GTA San Andreas - - The Volkswagen W12 Coupe (also known as the Volkswagen Nardo, with reference to the city of Nardò) was a concept car created by Volkswagen in 1997. Picture. At the request of then VW CEO Ferdinand Piech, Giorgetto Giugiaro and his Italdesign team was to design a Volkswagen sports car, with instructions that it had to accommodate a 12 cylinder engine in a W configuration, be mid-engined, and also be able to be configured with VW's Syncro AWD system. Another reason for its conception was to prove to the world that Volkswagen could build a large and reliable engine for its luxury car, the Phaeton, and its SUV, the Touareg.


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