Limit Pushing - VW Touareg 0-60 Test


VW Touareg V8 0-60 Test The Volkswagen Touareg: The Volkswagen Touareg was produced in 2002 when it became the third sport utility vehicle from the Volkswagen. It was named after the Berben speaking Tuareg people of Northern Africa even though the name had been used before in the 1996 Peugeot Touareg concept car. The Touareg was developed by Volkswagen Group, who also includes Audi and Porsche in the hopes of creating an off-road vehicle that could handle like a sports car. Because of this, the Touareg, the Porsche Cayenne, and the Audi Q7 were developed together and are manufactured in the same plant. The Touareg has a list of engines that includes: 2.5 L R5 TDI (172 hp), 3.0 L V6 (222 hp), 3.2 L V6 (217 hp), 3.6 L V6 (238 hp), 4.2 L V8 (306 hp), 5.0 L V10 TDI (309 hp), and a 6.0 L W12 (444 hp). All of these engine variants were paired with either a 6 -- speed manual or a 6 -- speed automatic. The Touareg comes standard with four-wheel drive system, an automatic progressively locking centre differential, and a low range setting that can be activated by in-cabin controls. The Touareg includes an optional air suspension system which can raise the car's ride height on command. The second generation is scheduled for the 2011 market.


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