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BMW 318i {E30}

Designer unknown
Year 1983

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The BMW M3 was first introduced on the E30 platform. A widened version of the E30 front suspension and the drivetrain from the E30 325i were used in the BMW ...

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BMW e30 three series. ... A model especially worthy of note is the 1989/90 325iS or Sport. These cars had a subtle factory body pack, M-tech suspension, ...

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BMW Information - The BMW E30 3 series page. ... Also new where the 325i, 325e, 325ix and 325i convertible. The 325i replaced the 323i and had 170 HP. ...

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US Auto Parts ... In Europe the touring and convertible models survived until 1993, while the coupes were discontinued in 1991, ... Features the 1991 318iS and 1984 325e. BMW E30 Tuning site features Kyle's 325iS and Scott's M3. ...


A site dedicated to the BMW 1.8 Liter 318I/IS series of vehicles or E30/M42 chassis/engine code. Site contains tipos, how-to's links to other helpfull sites ...

YouTube - Turbo BMW 318i [E30] - first start up

The world's cheapest BMW turbo setup. Total turbo project cost: $446.93 To respond to a lot of people's questions on here: *The turbo was a KKK K03 from a ...

YouTube - BMW E30 318i M10 Turbo

Not my car, or vid. I downloaded this somewhere years ago and thought it was cool. 3:10-3:28 is particularly impressive, let the M10 haters chew on that.