1968 Datsun Roadster


A short video of my 1968 Datsun "Fairlady" 1600 Roadster. I rescued this car from a field almost a year ago, where it had sat with no top for 2 years, getting snowed in and rained in. amazingly, it started up! (after some starting fluid) and i drove it 110 miles to get her home. I drove home in the rain still with no top, and no headlights. we had to duct tape flashlights to the bumper to avoid being pulled over! everything works now, after replacing or repairing nearly every crucial part of the car including the brakes, carbs, steering components, and more. Its a blast to drive, and has a lot more work planned for the future. Thanks for watching!


Datsun, Roadster, 1600, R16, BRE, Fairlady, SPL311

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