1965 Datsun Roadster Fairlady SPL310 Police Motorcycle eyeballing me on 15 freeway


Took out my convertible for my once a month ride, this time on my birthday, what a pleasure it was to ride it before the accident. No worries, it's being repaired and will be ready before January is over. Anyway, in this video you'll see me driving on Gopher Canyon heading from Vista to the 15 near Fallbrook. The truck in front of me didn't like how I caught up to him and slows down to 45mph on a 55mph zone. By the time we get to the 15 entrance, he guns it thinking he would leave me in the dust. Little does he know that I have 2.0 liter in my baby and there's no leaving me behind. Unfortunately, the truck driver and I caught the attention of a Police Officer. By the way, it was 44F this morning, how in the world is that Motorcycle officer only wearing a T-shirt and his short sleeve uniform shirt? Crazy. Anyway, after staring me down for a few seconds, he takes off and gets off the freeway.


Roadster, 13dec09

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