About Carbaze

Carbaze is one of the worlds' leading car specifications databases. The idea of starting it came when someone posted an ad to sell a database of almost 20K cars at a really cheap price.

v1 The Beginning

Back in 2009, we looked at the state of other car databases and decided to build a whole website based on that database just to test if it will get to have regular visitors. Altough the first version of Carbaze was created in less than 3 days, about 500 people visited it every day and inspired us to keep working on it.

v2 The Remake

Second version of Carbaze wasn't planned at all, it came as a way to introduce Kohana PHP Framework development into our team. Starting the build on Friday, new website was released on Monday as something that looked *really* ugly and bloated with ads. This version introduced Web 2 mash-ups into Carbaze, with Ebay, Flickr, Google, Yahoo and YouTube results to help visitors get more information sources for cars they're interested in.

v3 The Reload

Since the v2 was profitable, it just felt bad not to do anything to "pay back". We started a complete rewrite of Carbaze during April 2011. The main idea behind this redesign was to make it more user-friendly (and "pay back" to it for bringing the moneys in). We designed the new app and finished with the rewrite within 30 days. By "finished", we mean that we recreated the v2 state with completely new code and design. The rest of the planned features are still developed and we have no intention of quitting.