Toyota Corolla 4AF-E With C56 20v Gearbox


Ok This Is A south african spec corolla , 1998 model AE110 160i GL, 4AF-E Engine With TNT Branch and Stock Exhaust, The Only Modification is the 4-3 20v Short Ratio Gearbox. In the video is looks real slow but its fun to drive, its also an example of how an RSI 20V Blacktop gearbox works (5 speed) if you notice when ever i change gears at 6500 the rev moves back to 4800RPM sometimes 5000RPM , the car cannot pull thru the gears because it makes low end torque where as the 20v Blacktop Makes power at high rev's , the power band is 6000RPM Too 8000 RPM and this gear box keeps the car in its powerful motion, this type gearbox also featured on the TRD Edition of the RUN-X , best combination.... the rev's remain in VVT Unfortuanatley this car has no VVT but its been moved into a car with VVT and 20Valves lol


20v, rxi, rsi, toyota, 4af, 4afe, wayne modz

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